Educational trail

Connected to the Bükk Astronomical Observatory, there is the 4 km long Planet Tour educational trail, too, which besides the natural, geological and cultural history values, also includes a Solar System model that you can walk along. Visitors walking along the educational trail, by the length of the trip they do, can perfectly sense the distances in the Solar System. You can walk near oak and beech forests, meadows, and also you can marvel at the Bükk landscape from several lookout points. You must cross a stream, walk past an abandoned lime-burning pit, and you can admire several protected plants throughout the journey. To complete the whole length of the tour you need 2 hours by walking easily.

If someone wants to do the tour along the educational trail at night, a few hours after sunset they can see the luminous signs, which help you along the way. We recommend that you wear clothes appropriate for the weather, and hiking boots, and also that you necessarily check out the weather forecast.