About the visit

  • We can provide the best experience for our visitors if they buy combined tickets in advance, or on the spot.
  • The combined program of the Bükk Observatory lasts for two hours.
  • In these two hours visitors can see our exhibition, the dome, and they can watch a movie in the Planetarium.
  • On the tickets bought online, or on the spot, you can find the presentation places and the starting times of programs. You are kindly requested to pay attention to it, and to keep your tickets until the end of your visit.


Our longest program awaits for you in the planetarium. Make yourself at home, because we display the wonders of the sky on one of Europe’s biggest special dome, with the diameter of 8 meters. The more than 100 sq m spectacle exceeding all expectations is provided by four laser projectors operating at the same time, in 4K quality. The overall effect is made complete with Dolby Digital sound system. Our educational movies bring the space close to you, and our live presentations will introduce our visitors into the world of astronomy.

If in the period you choose a 3D movie is screened, please, consider that the renting fee for the glasses is added to the price of the ticket.

In the planetarium screenings start on the hour, HERE you can find information which movie we show at the time you have chosen.


You can see the dome with controlled professional guiding at the time shown on the ticket. During the day, you can safely observe our life-giving star, the Sun, however, at night, depending on cloudless weather, you can get a sharp picture of starts, planets. If the weather is cloudy, we are still prepared with alternative programs for you.

Please, before the beginning of the program, wait in front of the door to the dome area. You can only go up to the dome area after ticket inspection. We call your attention that in the dome area there is no heating, so be prepared to wear warm clothes during this program.

The visit to the dome lasts the maximum of 30 minutes.


The exhibition, Our Life-giving Sun, on about 200 sq m, including a meteorite collection, unique in Hungary, can be visited with a ticket to the exhibition. It is worth spending 25-30 minutes watching the show place. We suggest that you leave some time for trying the interactive elements of the exhibition, as well.


Our astronomical basic program is wonderfully amplified by VR games and missions, for which special tickets have to be bought.

VR missions, for which you can buy tickets on the spot:

  • Space shuttle mission: 180 sec
  • Mars mission: 180 sec
  • ISS mission: 180 sec

If you have already tried all our VR missions, and you have eaten and drunk something in the Astro Snack Bar, it is worth having a look at the offer in the AstroShop, where you can buy gifts, craft works marked with the Bükk National Park Product trade mark, and the publications of the Bükk National Park Directorate. If you have some more time for the wonderful environment in the Bükk, we can provide the tips below.


Depending on the weather conditions, our observatory organizes night programs, like astronomical presentations with telescope, as well. You must book a ticket for the programs in advance. We continuously refresh the starting time of our planned night programs. You can find the announced times HERE.

We call your attention, that to start an evening program the minimum of 20 participants are needed, and you can only buy tickets online. When you book a ticket, you will see how the number of participants is forming.

If there are not enough participants, we will return you the price of the ticket, of course.